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Smoothie Recipes

There are tons of smoothie recipes out there with all types of flavors, ingredients, health benefits and tons more. The key to finding good smoothie recipes is to first find what kind of smoothies you are looking for. The goal of our site is to help you find free smoothie recipes for whatever need you have that are easy to make right at home. We have many simple smoothie recipes that will take you no time at all to create and enjoy. Smoothie drink recipes are separated into different categories to match your desire for them, rather it be healthy smoothies, dessert smoothies, fruit smoothies, or many other categories.

Where to start on your simple smoothie recipe hunt

For dessert lovers, our fruit smoothie recipes section has many great tasting smoothies that you can make with a few fruits and other ingredients. For those health nuts, we have many low calorie smoothie drink recipes that are great meal additions, tofu smoothie recipes for those who love tofu, protein smoothie recipes for you weight lifters, green tea smoothie recipes for dieters, and tons more healthy recipes. There even recipes for you chocolate lovers, vegetarians, coffee drinkers, and diabetics.

How to Make the Best Smoothies

To help insure that your smoothies turn out delicious and tasty, try to minimize the use of sugar and depend on the natural flavor produced by fruits. Some people use sugar substitutes like the artificial sweeteners Splenda while others use a lactose free liquid like soy milk. Many people enjoy adding orange juice, apple juice, and other juices as well to add a little different flavor. Smoothies should also be well blended to limit huge ice chunks. Another great way to spruce up any smoothie is to add small pieces of cut diced up fruit that can be used to garnish the smoothie as well as add a flavorful touch. Remember that a smoothie recipe can be changed with minor additions or subtractions to create unique, tasteful creations.


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Why the simple smoothie recipes here are so good

The simple and easy smoothie recipes on www.smoothie-recipes.com are the best tasting because we strive to find recipes that are natural and do not need artificial powders. Although we do have some recipes that use artificial smoothie flavoring powders, the majority of the smoothie recipes will include natural ingredients like fruit, peanut butter, and other products available at most grocery stores. As our collection of smoothie recipes grows, we will keep bringing them to you. If you have a smoothie recipe you would like to share with all our visitors, feel free to email them to smoothierecipes@smoothie-recipes.com. We will gladly list your name with your recipe. Well what are you waiting for, find a recipe and enjoy a great smoothie today.