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Fruit Smoothie Recipes

Fruit smoothies

There are basically two types of fruit smoothie recipes, those that use powdered fruit flavoring and fresh fruit smoothie recipes. The advantage of a powdered fruit smoothie recipe is that they come in packages and you do not have to go find them, if they are in season, and if they taste good. The best fruit smoothie recipes out there are probably fresh fruit ones. Finding fruits that taste good and making them into smoothies preserves that great, natural taste that you can just not substitute. Fruit smoothie recipes are in abundance because virtually every fruit can be made into a smoothie, so you can see that the single fresh fruit smoothie recipes alone are huge enough not accounting for the mixing of fruits and other additions as well.

Our Collection of Fruit Smoothie Recipes

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Red, White, Blue Smoothie

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Easy Fruit Smoothie Recipes Using Everyday Fruits

There are plenty of easy fruit smoothie recipes out there just using fruits you can find daily at your local grocery store. From strawberries to peaches to oranges, the possibilities are in abundance. The following fresh fruit smoothies recipes require only a few ingredients, for those who have the powdered version, just replace fresh fruit with the powder and follow the same instructions.