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Mango Smoothie Recipes

Because mangos are hard fruits to find ripe, mango smoothie recipes are enjoyed seasonally. Mangos have a very sweet taste and are quite juicy. The flavor of mango is strong enough that it can be used on its own to create a great mango smoothie but many mango smoothie recipes tend to add other sweeteners as well.

Mango smoothie recipes

Fresh Mango for Your Smoothie Recipe

These helpful tips should be followed for mango smoothie recipes. First, mangos are very soft fruits once they are ripe and have a big seed surrounded by the meat. They are very seasonal and the ripe ones usually have a orange, red peel while the green ones are not ripe. It is best to slice around the seed into slices or diced.

Fresh Mango Smoothie Recipes

Mango smoothie recipes are better with real fruit. Powder mango flavor does not match the real taste of the fruit well. These recipes add other light flavors to mix well with the flavor of mangos.

Juice Blend Mango Smoothie Recipe

1 large mango diced and chilled
1 banana
1/2 cup of yogurt
1 cup of orange juice
6 ice cubes

Blend the orange juice, yogurt and banana till well mixed. Next add the ice cubes and mango and continue blending till mango is mixed in. Enjoy or chill if desired.


Freezing mango pieces creates better icee smoothies. Adding a tangy taste like tangerine juice to mango smoothies often enhances the flavor of the mango as well.

Tangy Mango Smoothie Recipe

1 large mango diced and chilled
5 slices canned pineapples chilled
1 banana
1 cup of Welch's Orange Pineapple juice
4 ice cubes

Directions:Blend the banana with the juice until banana is well mixed. Next add the ice cubes with the mangos and pineapples and blend for 1 minute on high or until ice is slushy. This mango smoothie recipe is very tangy and sweet at the same time.

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