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Raspberry Smoothie Recipes

Quick Facts on Raspberries

Colorful Raspberry Smoothie Recipe

7up and Raspberry Smoothie

Other Uses for Raspberries

Raspberries are also good fruits for making smoothies as well. Because they also contain many vitamins and antioxidants, they are very healthy while providing natural sweetness and just like other berries, the raspberry can also helps prevent some conditions like cancer. Raspberries provide a similar sweet taste when used as an ingredient for another product that uses berries.

Quick facts on Raspberries

The raspberry will come in varying colors usually in red, black, or slightly purple. They have small seeds and a hollow center. Raspberries have many healthy benefits from being cancer preventive to a good weight loss supplement. The oil from red raspberry not only has Vitamin E, but has an SPF of 25-50. Black raspberries have high health benefits just like blueberries with research being done continually.

Colorful Rasberry Smoothie Recipe

1 medium banana
1/2 cup of red raspberries (or strawberries)
1/2 cup of black raspberries (or blueberries)
1/2 cup of yogurt
1/2 cup of ice


Cut the raspberries into small pieces that will fit through a straw. Blend the banana, ice, and yogurt with the black raspberries. the strong dye of the raspberry will create a dark coloring. Add a few pieces of the red raspberry at the bottom of the cup, pour the smoothie 1/4 then add more pieces of the rad raspberry. Finish at the top with more pieces and enjoy.

7up and Raspberry Smoothie Recipe

Because raspberries seem to taste better when combined with carbonated drinks like 7up, sprite, or some alcohols, the recipe gets creative.


1 cup fresh raspberries
1/2 banana
1/2 cup 7up or Sprite
1/2 cup ice


Blend the cubes with the banana on high speed until slushy. Add the raspberries and 7up but blend on low for 20 seconds so the raspberries are not highly blended but sill in pieces. A very invigorating taste.

Other Uses for Raspberries

  • Raspberry Sangria

  • Raspberry Sorbet

  • Raspberry Cheesecake

  • Raspberry Muffin

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